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Wine & Beer


We have a large selection of wine, ports, and beer, these are just a few of the many brands we offer. Don't forget when you purchase your first drink you will receive a complimentary house cigar. 


— Canyon Road Wines —

Cabernet Sauvignon —
Medium-bodied wine with rich and flavorful hints of ripe raspberry and a velvety smooth finish

— Chardonnay —
Medium-bodied wine with notes of crisp apple and ripe citrus fruit with a hint of cinnamon spice

— Merlot —
With a soft and elegant mouthfeel, this wine has deep flavors of rich cherries and jammy blackberries, followed by hints of vanilla and spice

— Moscato —
Canyon road moscato has inviting notes of peaches and honey, followed by lusciously sweet flavors of ripe pears and lemons

— Pinot Grigio —
This medium-bodied wine has hints of green apple, citrus, white peach and floral blossom

— Pinot Noir —
Rich, fruit forward cherry flavors, soft tannins, a medium body and a smooth velvety finish

— Sauvignon  Blanc —
Light to medium-bodied wine with hints of ripe citrus, melon, and a refreshing crisp finish


— House Red Wines —

—  El Siglo—
Lightly aromatic with characteristic sweet red berry fruit and a hint of perfumed oak, soft and warm finish

—  Viña 95 —
A sweet red wine with a slight bitter finish

—  Viña Cumbrera—
This tastes bright and balanced, with cherry and berry flavors that are impossible not to like and a dash of oaky cocoa blends with leftover red fruit flavors


— Ports —

—  Otima 10 —
This Otima is an aged 10 year old tawny especially suitable for those with a preference for the lighter style of Port

—  Otima 20 —
Otima 20 is an elegantly spiced Port featuring a long finish of dried ginger, shortbread and sandalwood

—  Fonseca 40 —
Known for its lengthy finish leaving a mouthful of lasting, mellow, spicy flavors and a persistent impression of fine seasoned oak

—  Dow's Vintage —
Dow’s Old tawny Ports are drier than most, although they retain the classic richness of all Port wines

—  Dow's 30 —
An incredibly rare and fine Port of immense age and delicate elegant notes of dried nuts and spice

—  Dow's 40 —
One of the few Ports that can age 40 years and still show the complexity and flavours that can be found in the Dow's collection


— beers—

— Estrella Damm —
The original recipe from 1876 and fine result of a combination of barley malt, rice, and hops

— La Fin Du Monde —
A perfect balance of mildly hoppy palate with notes of grains, fruit and spice, followed by a smooth, dry finish

— San Miguel — 
Vary in taste, texture and aroma, but share all the same iconic and world-class with true Filipino heritage

—  Toña — 
Toña is a golden lager with an exceptionally balanced flavor and rich body reflecting a world of adventure and wonder

— Tucher —
The perfect warm-weather beer due to its crisp, clean and refreshing, thirst quenching nature